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Usborne English Readers are a great way for children to improve their reading skills and their use of English generally.

The books have a fluent, natural style which is an excellent model for students’ own use of English. Children can also listen to the audio and hear readings in British or American English.

Usborne English readers are available at four levels: Starter (CEFR low A1), Elementary (CEFR A1), Pre-intermediate (CEFR A2) and Intermediate (CEFR B1). If you’re not sure of your child’s level, try our simple level test.

Snow Queen
Illustration by Elena Selivanova from The Snow Queen

  • Children can read them in class, in the library or at home.
  • They have high quality colour pictures throughout, so children really enjoy their reading.
  • Readers really help children to build their vocabulary. Usborne English Readers have lists of new words at the back of each book.
  • They are a good way to discover English language classics such as Treasure Island, The Wizard of Oz and the works of Dickens and Shakespeare.
  • Children are motivated by reading books of their choice, and by finishing one book and moving on to another at the same level – or moving on to the next level.
  • Students who read widely in English find that ALL their English skills improve: not just reading, but also writing, listening and speaking.